Our Company

Over 20 years of experience

In 1999 mechanical engineer Michael Filippidis started Enerfil Esco.

 The first energy project was in 2002. After almost 10 years of research and development, the company completed in 2010-2011 the Model net zero energy building "EL", using the company’s own patented Solar Thermal Station "Digenis". 

At the same time in 2011 Enerfil Esco received approval from the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy to incorporate the Solar Thermal Station "Digenis" in the program funded by European funds "Save- Autonomy", for both residential and industrial clients.

The company has completed numerous installations in Greece and received the Silver Energy Mastering Awards, in 2015, for the Model Building "EL" and in 2017 the Gold Energy Mastering Awards for the Solar Thermal Station "Digenis".

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