Net Metering

Net Metering is the code name for a specific type of wiring which is approved by Greek legislation for a photovoltaic system.

Net  Net Metering is for residential, business and government buildings and facilities.

Net  Net Metering does not buy the produced Kwh in exchange for money. What is done is the provider to exchange Kwh with the consumer-producer. This exchange takes place every 12 months for home and business users and every 3 years for farmers and the government.
After the installation and activation process, the consumer does not receive payment bills for 12 months.
Every 12 months, the accounting clearance of household and business power generation connections takes place.
For farmers and public connections, the liquidation is done partially per year (75%) and in total every 3 years.

To install a Net Metering photovoltaic system you must:
1. Each system refers to and offsets only one electricity meter.
2. There must be title deeds registered to the mortgage office.
3. The installation site to exist legally in urban planning.
4. The applicant must be the owner of the space or have a rental contract in combination with the authorization of any co-owners of the space for the installation of the system.
For the elaboration of a study and the issuance of an offer, a recent clearing account of the electricity provider is enough for us.

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